Thursday, January 1, 2009

Communication and Blogs

One thing I really like about TFS and Sharepoint is how they really work to improve collaboration, communication and using blogs out-of-the-box to disseminate information appropriately. I found a blogger at who provides some good tips that should help every IT professional.

The single most important thing you must do to improve your programming career is improve your ability to communicate.

To program, you must elicit ideas from other people and share your ideas with them. Sharing ideas comes in many forms: explaining how you did something. Suggesting a new practice for the team. Demonstrating how something works. Convincing everyone to switch programming languages. Persuading a brilliant engineer to join your team. Persuading your manager to get out of the way and let you do your thing.

Advancing your career is entirely about communicating. Getting a job. Turning down a job. Asking for a promotion. Turning down a promotion. Getting onto a good team. Politely extricating yourself from a good team. Persuading a brilliant engineer to co-found a company. Helping a brilliant engineer understand why co-founding a company isn’t the right thing to do. Asking for funding. Turning down funding. Getting clients. Turning down clients.

If you take just one thing from this post, let it be this: To improve your programming career, the single most important thing you must do is improve your ability to communicate your ideas face to face.

I learn:

Three types of great BLOG posts:
What I learned from Language X that makes me a better programmer when I use Language Y
Something surprising that you probably wouldn’t guess about Language X from reading blog posts
My personal transformation about Idea X

A type of timewasting BLOG post:
Here’s why such-and-such

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