Saturday, November 6, 2010

CMAP Presentations

Today I gave presentations at the CMAP Code Camp in Columbia, Maryland. See for details on the camp.

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1. Do Application Lifecycle Management Your Way Using Visual Studio Team System and Custom .NET Code

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IT developers face never ending productivity and progress interruptions due to the need to do status reporting, documentation, and a whole assortment of tasks. Likewise their managers face great challenges due to the disintegration of the project management, work item tracking, development, deployment/implementation, operations/maintenance, reporting and documentation processes. In order for teams to greatly reduce these interruptions, disintegration issues and truly integrate all key development and application lifecycle management (ALM) processes, Microsoft introduced Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2005 and its subsequent improved TFS 2008 and TFS 2010 versions. It’s what runs, all of Microsoft’s key internal ALM processes for their flagship products, and it’s an integral part of Visual Studio and all MSDN developer subscriptions going forward. This session will focus on how developers/managers can extend TFS through configuration settings, process templates customization and building custom .NET solutions in order to adapt TFS to your organization/team internal processes.

2. Create a SharePoint Web Part Wrapper for ASP.Net User Controls

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SharePoint is presently one of the most popular web application development platforms in the world and ASP.Net is central to its success. In the past SharePoint developers would build many custom web parts. Recently the trend has been towards using a container for ASP.Net user controls in order to simplify deployment, make the development/customization process easier, and quickly enable .NET developers to be effective SharePoint developers.

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