Thursday, December 18, 2008

Configuring Caching for Team Foundation Server Proxy

Team Foundation Server Proxy is designed to improve network performance by caching copies of source control files in a remote location, local to the developer needing the files but away from the main source control location.

After installing Team Foundation Server Proxy, you must configure it in order to enable and manage a cache of source control files for the Team Foundation application-tier server. You can also configure Team Foundation Server Proxy to cache files for additional Team Foundation application-tier servers.

For more information about Team Foundation Server Proxy configuration, visit the following topic 'How to enable source control caching after installing Team Foundation Server Proxy' in the Team Foundation Administrators guide located online at or in the product documentation.

For more information about Team Foundation Server Proxy installation, see the Team Foundation Installation Guide located online at or the TFSInstall.chm file included with the product.

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